4 Style Rules For Wearing Wristwatches

For stylish men, the wristwatch such as Rolex watch men (นาฬิกา rolex ผู้ชาย which is the term in Thai) for instance is a must-have on the wrist and is not only intended for measuring time. For this noble accessory to come into its own, a few rules for wearing it should be observed. We will tell you what is essential for a distinctive appearance.

  1. Where Should The Clock Sit: Left Or Right?

In general, the watch is always worn on the left wrist. The explanation for this is simple: the weaker, mostly left hand is used less, and the watch is, therefore, better protected against accidental bumps or scratches. In addition, the watch can also be put on more easily on the left wrist with the help of the usually dexterous right hand. Furthermore, the crown on the watch case usually sits on the right side and can be operated better with the right hand. Wearing the watch in the left hand, therefore, offers some advantages.

Left-handers are an exception here. According to etiquette, however, the left side is now also preferred as the “watch side.” But ultimately, the answer to the question “Left, or right?” is a matter of taste and, above all, a question of the habit of the wearer.

When it comes to the exact position on the wrist, it can be said that a watch looks most elegant when worn about a thumb’s breadth above the wrist at wrist height. It can also sit a little lower with a jacket so that it closes perfectly with the sleeves or so that a piece can still be seen.

  1. How Should The Watch Sit: Narrow Or Wide?

The watch should have as little play as possible on the male wrist. The following applies as a guide: The watch fits perfectly if the little finger fits between the back of the case and the wrist. Then its fit is just tight enough that it doesn’t slip back and forth loosely on the wrist or leave any marks from being worn too tightly. On the other hand, ladies are allowed to wear the watch a little looser, such as a wide link chain.

  1. How Much Understatement Is Required?

The watch should be chosen according to the overall appearance and the occasion. The following applies to both sexes: choosing discreet, inconspicuous models for a business outfit is better. The quality of an exclusive brand watch speaks for itself, and watch connoisseurs appreciate stylish understatement. This mainly affects formal work environments. One can stray a little further from this style code in the creative industries.

The more striking and colorful the watch is and the more functions it comes with, the more it belongs in the leisure sector. Therefore, diving watches and chronographs are recommended for everything from a business casual look to an elegant leisure look. The watch case size should be based on the circumference of the wrist. As a rough guide, if your wrist circumference is 18cm, your watch should be around 40mm in diameter.

  1. Your Taste And Style Are Decisive

A watch also expresses the personality of its wearer. Therefore, your taste ultimately decides and you feel comfortable with the accompaniment on your wrist. Especially in a formal business uniform look, a watch can also set a desired, interesting accent that makes you stand out from the crowd. Our style rules for wearing a wristwatch are only intended to provide you with a guide.

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