TKTX Numbing Cream-The Most Effective Water-Based Numbing Cream With The Longest Experience

Why and How to Use Numbing Cream in a Right Way? - Official Dr.Numb® USAHow to apply TKTX numbing cream on the skin

TKTX numbing cream is one of the oldest numbing creams on the market. It is a water-based cream that does not leave any oily patch on the skin upon application. TKTX numbing cream is a numbing cream for skin that gives up to 40% of numbing effect on the skin upon application. Never apply the cream to the torn part of the skin. 

There is a definite method to apply the TKTX numbing cream to the skin. Customers are advised to follow up on the procedure correctly to get a better result. Always make sure that you are using gloves and not bare hands for applying the cream to your skin. 

Before applying the cream, clean the area where the cream is to be applied well with water and mild soap. Make sure that all the dead cells from the skin are removed. You can use a towel for cleaning the skin. Keep in mind that you are using a numbing cream and not a lotion. 

So do not apply the cream as if it is a body lotion. You can apply the cream in thick layers as given in the instructions. While applying the cream to the skin, make sure to rub the area well. You can apply the cream to around 2 to 3 mm thickness to each layer.  

After applying the cream to the skin, wrap up the applied area with a thin plastic film or wrapper. This will help to keep the upper layers warm. While the cream is kept warm with the film, the cream penetrates to different layers of the skin. 

The film also ensures that the cream is not evaporated as it is a water-based cream. Leave the applied portion of the skin undisturbed for 20 to 25 minutes. If you are planning to get a bigger tattoo, then apply the cream to a larger portion and in thick layers. It is because larger tattoos take more time to get inked.  

After ensuring that the skin is perfectly desensitized, you can start your tattooing procedure. Do not completely remove the wrapper as a whole. Remove it according to the progress of the tattooing process. The numbness of the skin can last up to 4 hours in the case of TKTX numbing cream. The cream is mainly meant for professional usage only. The effect of the cream can differ. It is based on the skin type of the person. So make sure of your design, and whether to use a numbing cream for the procedure before entering a tattoo parlor. 

You can store the TKTX numbing creams at room temperature. Application of the numbing cream is a starting procedure if you are planning to use a numbing cream. So, make sure to apply the cream at least 30 minutes before your tattooing procedure or as per mentioned in the instructions. 

This allows the cream to penetrate deeply so that the skin is well desensitized. Numbing creams and numbing sprays are better than hand anesthetics for tattooing. Before applying the cream to your skin, test for skin allergies. It can be done by applying the cream to a smaller portion of the skin and leaving it aside for some time. 

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