<strong>The necessity of socks in our day-to-day life:</strong>

The socks have a very interesting history; at the same time, they also have a dark future. In ancient times, socks were made for the same purpose it is used now; however, the quality and material used for making socks were not similar to the material we are using now.

Today, we will discuss why we need to buy socks and how it impacts our personality based on the type of socks we wear in our daily life. There are stores where you can buy bulk ankle socks from a wholesale market available online and offline.

Some of the reasons:

There are plenty of reasons behind the use of socks because, in ancient times, they were used only for protection and to keep the feet warm. Now, they symbolize and leave an impact on the people around you through the choice of colour and design you are wearing.

Used as a fashion statement:

Socks were used for protection at first; however, as time passed, they got another advancement because socks started to symbolize fashion. In the middle ages, they were used to portray monarchy, peasant, and lords as a style statement. 

The length of the socks varied based on the length of the pant. As the length of the pants got shortened, the length of the socks got bigger and bigger. Kings and lords used to wear white socks as they symbolized purity and cleanliness so that they could leave an impact of richness and quality on other people.

Symbolizes status and position:

As the demand for the socks started to rise, the price also began to rise. There was a time when the price of comfortable socks became so high that only noble and rich people could afford to buy them. 

They became a symbol of the rich, nobility, and ruler because rich people could only afford them. The fabrics used for making socks were also a symbol of status; only upper-class and rich people wore silk and cotton socks, while the peasants and poor people wore socks made out of wool. Because silk socks were expensive and wool socks were cheap poor people could afford to buy and keep their feet warm.


As mentioned in the article above, how were socks worn to keep the feet warm and protected from danger? The expensive one became the symbol of the upper class, while the cheap one became the symbol of the lower class or peasants. 

Today also, they are the symbol of fashion and status; quality socks will last longer than those of low quality. We have many types of socks today; you will require ankle socks to pair with loafers or ankle-fitted shoes; you can buy bulk ankle socks online or from an offline store near your home.

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