How To Make Your Own lemon tek At Home

There has been a remarkable consensus among consumers of magic mushrooms about the process of lemon tekking and how it helps achieve those benefits. Lemon tekking works by copying the acids in one’s stomach, which breaks down the mushroom you take. Scientists also think that it’s the case, but they still open the discussion to more lab tests and assessments.

However, a notion is on the rise about how lemon tekking creates an entheogen effect to the magic mushroom. The explanation is that the lemon juice converts the magic mushroom’s psilocybin into prodrug psilocin. The former is more natural, and the latter is more of an effect that has more significant impacts. Psilocin is the compound that is also responsible for entheogen effects, which are effects that alter the consciousness of someone.

From the basics, lemon tekking refers to the process wherein you soak your magic mushrooms in pure lemon juice for about half an hour before consuming them. The science behind this is that the lemon juice will simmer down the magic mushroom’s hallucinogenic properties.

When it comes to taking your lemon tek, you focus on improving the effect while also looking after yourself to not be on a trip, even if it is a workday. The way your trip rises and falls becomes shorter after thirty to ninety minutes of kicking in. The peak lasts for three hours in comparison to the usual four to a whole day. People prefer doing this too because of the taste. It has a lemon-like kick to it.

However, it would be best if you still looked after the dose. You might be making and consuming too much, which will lead to the same long but more substantial effects of the magic mushrooms. According to interviews and forums about the process, from four to eight hours, even the smallest dose will last for more than fifteen hours a day.

So, how do you do it yourself? There are many ways to go over the lemon tekking process; however, it would be best if you stick to the general instructions to maximize your benefits and not fail as a novice consumer. The main ingredients you need are the magic mushrooms and the lemon juice, dependent on how many you would like to have.

The first step is to cut the magic mushrooms into fine pieces. Please put them in a bowl or mortar and pestle and crush them until they feel like powder. You can also use a blender or food processor if you want your magic mushrooms to turn into fine powder

Then you want to make your pure lemon juice, which is crucial to this process. Make the mixture and pour it over the mushroom powder. Then you try mixing it for five minutes but not too much before you cover it and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. The waiting process will transform the psilocybin into psilocin while the lemon juice breaks it down and makes it tastier.

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