Cost of divorce in Utah: Things worth knowing!

Ending your marriage is a huge decision, which requires much consideration. Divorce is not just about a piece of paper – It can impact you financially, socially, emotionally, and mentally. If you haven’t tried enough to save the marriage, think of therapy and counseling, before you initiate divorce proceedings. Working with one of the top law firms in Utah, such as Coil Law¸ can help in understanding your legal options. In Utah, you also have the choice of legal separation, where you remain married, but live separately. The question is – How much does it cost to get a divorce in Utah? This is a million-dollar question, because there is no one answer. In this post, we are sharing more on divorce costs in the state. 

Every divorce is unique

It is often wrongly assumed that a lawyer makes a big difference to the final cost of divorce While that’s true to an extent, the eventual expenses depend a lot on your spouse. Utah allows for equitable distribution of marital properties, and that doesn’t always mean equal. If you file for divorce and your spouse is keen on making things hard for you, it would cost a lot more money. If the separating couple can work on their differences in an amicable manner, the divorce will not drag for long. In other words, if you and your spouse cooperate on important matters, you don’t need to spend huge on your divorce. 

When there are allegations

Your divorce will take longer and cost more when there are allegations. For instance, if you are being charged of domestic abuse, or your spouse makes it their mission to accuse you of marital misconduct, things can get complicated. Eventually, if the matter ends up in trial, it would be way more expensive to finalize the divorce. 

What about the lawyer’s fee?

Most divorce lawyers in Utah work on an hourly rate. In case of no-fault divorces, lawyers may even charge a flat fee. If you are considering a DIY divorce, keep in mind that mistakes can be expensive. When you hire an attorney, you are less likely to take the wrong decisions. Also, your attorney has a big role in mediation and negotiation with your spouse. If you can resolve your marital issues sooner, you can reduce the cost of the divorce. 

The bottom line – Hiring a divorce lawyer is a good idea, and you can have the time to focus on your life, as the lawyer tackles everything else. 

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