Best touring places in Sapporo in Japan

Japan is undoubtedly one of the most attractive destinations in the East Asian region. A county with a countless number of struggles, achievements, a history of royalty, and a culture existing before even the founders of the modern world arrived. Moreover, the country also has some gifted geographic destinations that allow the visitors to treat and feast eyes upon, especially the city of Sapporo. The city is situated on Hokkaido Island in the northernmost part of Japan.

People consider Japan Sapporo Tours primarily because of the snow festival but end up discovering and getting a lot more than that. Here are some of the best touring places and things in Sapporo.

Odori Park

The park can be referred to as an oasis of green between the skylarking buildings of the cities that also happen to divide the city land. This park is nothing like a regular park providing room for relaxation. It is more of exploring and walking venue as well with a stretch of more than half a kilometer. In fact, the park contains some of the best garden divisions, sculptures, arts, and fountains that make it spectacularly attractive. It is even connected to most of the museums and art galleries in the city of Sapporo.

Ropeway of Mount Moiwa

The mount of Moiwa which is also known as Moiwa Yama towers the city with a height of almost five hundred and thirty-one meters. The mount has become even more famous ever since it has been connected with a ropeway network that provides people easy access all the while allowing people to have a sky look over the beautiful city. The upper station also has an observation deck dedicated for the purpose and is even well equipped with restaurants and other facilities. Moreover, the visitors can also enjoy shows in the planetarium above the hill.

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