Cooking equipment is responsible for almost 60% of fires in dining and drinking facilities and not the type of preventable blunders that occur at home. We’re talking about fires and other mishaps caused by grease accumulation lurking beneath the surface of vital equipment. It is necessary to sanitize your kitchen hood. Failure to do so might result in penalties, closure, and other disasters, such as fires and other natural disasters.

A kitchen hood, also known as an EXHAUST HOODS AND FANS Florida or a range hood, is a device that hangs over commercial ranges, fryers, grills, and other cooking appliances. It has one or more mechanical fans that remove heat, grease, smoke, and smells from the air. It attracts dirt and detritus like a magnet.

During all the cooking hours, your restaurant kitchen hood receives a steady stream of filthy, greasy, and dirty air. The removal of built-up oil and dirt improves ventilation in your kitchen. The accumulation of oil and filth in the ventilation system reduces air circulation, making cooking less pleasant and healthful.

How To Keep Your Restaurant Vent Hoods Dirty Free

If you utilize the correct type of hood filter and the right number of filters, your exhaust hood will collect and contain the fats, oils, and grease produced by your cooking. If you’re not sure which filter is suitable for you, go through a variety of hood filter handbooks. It includes everything from fire codes to filter materials to bespoke hood filters, such as spark arrestor filters.

You ought to not just utilize the right type of vent but also the accurate size to cover up the entire gap of your vent hood. If you need help with measuring to determine the size and number of hood filters that you need, you can use our handy filter in the size of a calculator.

If you examine your hood filters and detect that there is a little amount of additional space causing your hood filters to not cover the full hood then don’t worry about it. If you can’t fit an extra filter in the area because it’s small, it doesn’t imply you have to buy a new hood. All you need is a hood filter spacer, and your system will operate considerably.

Cleaning EXHAUST HOODS AND FANS Florida regularly helps guarantee that they function as proficiently and successfully as reasonable. The common cleaning of vent hoods in restaurants occurs on a daily basis. Some people, however, can go between cleanings every one to two weeks. The decision should be made depending on the amount and sort of cooking you will be performing.

Access panels for exhaust fans are similar to duct access panels. They’re another quick and easy solution to keep your industrial kitchen ventilation system clean and in good working order. These clean-out access points also known as exhaust fan access ports, make it simpler to reach the interior of the fan so it may be cleaned and maintained.

They are incredibly cost-effective and easy to install. Once fitted, your exhaust fan access port will assist keep the blades of your up blast exhaust fan clean and grease-free. This can help you prevent issues like imbalanced fan blades, vibration, and excessive fan belt wear and tear that are caused by oil accumulation.

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