Warning signs of an unprofessional printing company

Most businesses put extensive thought into crafting compelling messaging and designing eye-catching graphics to convey their brand story through professional print collateral. Choosing the right printing partner to bring those creatives accurately and consistently to life is equally important to ensure quality execution. Warning signs during the printer research and selection process foreshadow looming issues with novice, inferior vendors lacking the infrastructure and dedication for oversight needed on behalf of your esteemed brand. Don’t realize months later post-launch the mistakes an unrefined printer brings impacting campaign success and marketing dollars spent. Look for these red flags, when vetting printers to avoid catching unprofessional partners beforehand.

Unavailable client references

Reputable printers have a roster of satisfied clients from years of repeat loyal business willing to take a reference call and rave about the service received. The broad availability of references across industries indicates reliable flexibility in meeting diverse printing needs. Companies unable to provide references or only supply a sparse list of contacts lack proof positive their capabilities and relationship skills consistently deliver. Pause if nonexistent references mean you’ll be going in without third-party reassurance.

Disorganization and confusion

From sales call interactions to website navigation, order paperwork procedures, and job status updates, a buttoned-up printer operates systematically to prevent errors through order accuracy and quality control oversight. Unreturned inquiry emails, misplaced orders, unclear pricing parameters, forgotten change requests, incorrectly used images and text, and press errors slipping through causing reprints to point towards internal disorganization that risks professionalism. Confirm structured workflows demonstrating repeatable precision at each customer touchpoint.  

Unresponsive client service mindset

Mission-driven printers treat each client like a respected partner vital to their success through exceptional print shop staten island services enriching the relationship beyond commodity print manufacturing alone. This equals staff practicing active listening to target true needs, creatively collaborating to strengthen campaign outcomes, owning accountability hitting requested timelines, and proactively updating on any changes immediately by policy. Lacking this nourishing “concierge service” perspective focused wholly on the customer experience from order placement through fulfillment indicates potential down the road to get needs met and issues promptly resolved.  

Undefined quality control policy

Meticulously managed printers institute staged quality assurance checkpoints across pre-press file processing, press makeready calibration, press runs with defined sampling procedures, post-production inspections pre-finishing, and final quality audits ensuring perfect output. This scrutiny landscape identifies apprentice errors like image touchups gone wrong or press adjustments away from approved color targets before customers ever see a flawed deliverable. Printers unable to elaborate on rigorous quality control steps likely allow more imperfections while lacking accountability in chasing perfection.

Great printers recognize each job quality directly fuels future work possibilities, positive referrals, and long-term profit dividends outweighing any single project revenue thereby dedicating themselves fully to the customer’s whole experience. Watch for these revealing trouble symptoms exposing printers unable or unwilling to professionally showcase your brand story through attentive, mistake-free printing ready to convey the right impression decisively each time. Your marketing dollars and creative efforts deserve no less.

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