Unique leather shoulder holsters At Kirkpatrick Leather Company

Are you looking and couldn’t find the best leather shoulder holsters for yourself? Well, you can try out the Kirkpatrick leather shoulder holsters.

Let us penetrate deep into the discussion in this article you will get to know about the best site serving needs of leather-made holsters and one category around them is leather shoulder holsters.

What Kirkpatrick Company serves?

Kirkpatrick is serving people for a very long time, which means that the company is fully trustworthy. They provide all kinds of shoulder holsters that work great as the reviews say. The leather is not cheap and is maintained with total care for the customers. Yes, they also make leather products if you are looking for a unique design or have something in your mind then go for the custom section and buy yours soon.

Many more options are available to buy from Kirkpatrick’s Company as they are an immense collection that you will like the most!!

Their best-selling shoulder holster is the trendy variant and is a detective model.

The shoulder pieces are made with strong leather that does not support wear and tear easily. The shoulder holsters are added with a soft harness to give you a comfortable feel. The way these are designed is very minimal and does not overload any kind of complicated design.

The designs are minimal and eye-catching, which makes the holster pieces look premium. This kind of holster is perfect for those who are seeming to carry the only gun.

Kirkpatrick’s are proudly making the custom holster, which is the best thing to cherish about their site. You can visit their page to get your hands on the leather shoulder accessories available at the store. The Contact Us section, as well as the FAQs, are ready to solve the doubts that may occur while purchasing.

What kind of leather do They Use and How?

Well, they use American leather to make the best leather accessories for the clients. American leather provides a premium look to the pieces. The process of making a holster is like that they cut all the pieces that are required to build a holster.

Then they use dyes to cover up the surfaces with great color, which looks eye-catching. Holsters are stitched with nylon and for more finish and toughness the holsters are double sewn. The last step involves the polishing that makes them shiny look. They have various ranges for shoulder leather holsters these are listed below:

  • Glock 19 Shoulder Holster
  • M&P Shield Shoulder Holster
  • Sig P365 Shoulder Holster Model K-400
  • Walther P99 Shoulder Holster


At Kirkpatrick Leather, you will find the best match. In case you are unable to find one, then visit the custom manufacturing page. You can regret not the desired one.

The best quality and best design altogether make the holsters look rich and premium. They custom make leather holsters that accommodate a dependable and luxurious body for your chosen gun. Try out the shoulder holsters soon!!

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