Air scrubbers to remove mold

That musty smell filling your home likely indicates an extensive invisible mold growth releasing spores through the air you breathe. These microscopic invaders slowly take hold in dark, damp areas, spreading illness-causing allergenic particles everywhere unseen. Mold concerns require more than masking scents or surface cleaning. The only way to truly purge toxicity is through commercial-grade air scrubbing. Inhaling airborne mold spores, especially over time, poses significant respiratory risks beyond just allergy irritation for many people. 

  • Asthma symptoms like chest tightness and wheezing
  • Respiratory infections inflicting lung pain and breathing difficulty  
  • Long-term lung inflammation increasing problems like COPD
  • Compromised immune resistance more prone to illness

Toxic black mold varieties release especially harmful mycotoxins known to affect memory, mood, hormones, and brain function over time. Prolonged contact causes a constellation of other ailments beyond the lungs alone. A mold’s dangers don’t always manifest acutely. Repeated exposure slowly causes inflammation and immune disruption. Surface cleaning leaves spores behind to continue colonizing. Only eliminating spores at their airborne source provides true environmental decontamination and health protection.

Safely traps mold spores

Specialized air scrubbing machines use multi-stage hospital-grade HEPA filtration to actively collect airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. It includes mold spores measuring 2 to 10 microns. Positioned in areas of contamination concern, air scrubbers continuously pull surrounding air in through filters that capture mold, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and other microscopic allergens and pathogens. They discharge refreshed, purified air back out without any circulation gaps. No outside contaminants can re-enter the contained space. Air scrubbing eventually removes all traces of toxic spores by repetitively filtering the entire volume of air. No moisture or chemicals means no risk of facilitating further mold growth during the process. Meticulous setup and runtimes ensure total elimination from an area without spreading to other parts of a building.

For home heating and cooling systems, upgraded pleated or HEPA furnace filters capture some airborne particles over time. These small fixed units remain extremely limited for adequate whole-house air purification compared to portable commercial-grade air scrubbers. Unlike HVAC filters, air scrubbing units are strategically placed in problem areas to completely cleanse contamination rather than just filtering a portion.

Implementing a complete mold remediation plan 

  • HEPA vacuuming – Deeply cleans surrounding moldy surfaces to contain spread.
  • Negative air containment – Seals off work areas from cross-contaminating other rooms.  
  • HVAC system cleaning – Ensures ductwork not re-releasing spores via circulation.
  • Dry ice blasting – Non-toxic removal clearing mold from hidden crevices and pores.
  • Follow-up testing – Confirms successful toxin-free remediation for safe occupancy.

Don’t keep breathing in hazardous particles – clear the air completely using efficient commercial-grade air scrubbing systems. Contact today to discuss renting state-of-the-art air scrubbers guaranteed to eliminate mold spores and refresh indoor air quality. Breathe healthy once more.

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